Trey Lance Vs. Jimmy Garoppolo

Trey Lance

The quarterback position is nothing to joke about as this is the core of your team, your leader, and the person that runs the entire offense. In the NFL fans have seen how a good quarterback can send you to the superbowl and how a bad one can completely ruin your team.

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So the decision that the 49ers have to make between the two quarterbacks could change the future of the team. Going into 2022-2023 San Francisco signed Garoppolo once again to a contract to be a backup quarterback to Trey Lance. At the time most fans thought this wasn’t the best move for the 49ers.

Early into the season Trey Lance would get a season-ending injury and have to receive surgery. This meant the one year six and a half million contract Garoppolo had would be put to use. Now the question remains after Trey Lance gets back who will be the starting quarterback.

Jimmy Garoppolo

If the 49ers decide to go with Jimmy Garoppolo, this would mean they are in a very win-now mindset. It was only two years ago that Garoppolo led this 49ers team to the superbowl. They have the team to do it with an elite defense with two all-stars on offense in Deebo Samuel and George Kittle. Although Garoppolo isn’t the best quarterback, he still has a strong connection with these players.

The main thing to look out for with Garoppolo is his age; being thirty, you don’t know exactly when the drop-off as a starting quarterback is going to start. In the 2021-2022 season, Garoppolo would throw for 3810 yards on 441 attempts and 301 completions.

Although Garoppolo might not have age and his ceiling is already known, you are still getting a quarterback that can lead a team to the superbowl. If Trey Lance was to be traded then that’s more capital to use to build around Jimmy Garoppolo.

Trey Lance

If the San Francisco 49ers decided to go with Trey Lance they would be investing in the future of their team. By now, most fans have seen Trey Lance play and know that although he has an extremely high ceiling it will take some time for him to grow as a quarterback in the NFL.

When Trey Lance has played the raw talent has been on display. Lance’s ability to read the field and make decisions are elite. He has shown he can lead this offense to a good place and rally around each other to become a solid team.

Although Trey Lance would be a great quarterback in the coming future, the 49ers organization is going to have to get rid of the win now players like Deebo Samuel. Even with the loss of winnow players, you can invest in younger ones who will be ready to play with Lance.


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