The Same Game? NFL vs NCAAF



The age-old question: NCAAF vs NFL, which is better? Let us first start with draft night/ recruiting. Each year the NFL holds a draft night selecting the best of the best from each draft team to assemble their Marvels avengers. These athletes are carefully selected to perfect the effectiveness of one’s team. With that said, Owners are willing to pour in the funds needed to ensure that their team is Superbowl-worthy. This is essentially what colleges do when recruiting. Coaches recruit the best of the best from all around the country. However, those highly well-known schools can lure in highly sought-after athletes.

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The league, in terms of difficulty, is tougher to play in. Because of the best of the best being selected during draft night, the majority or if not all of the NFL teams can compete with each other. Whereas in college football, schools like Alabama and Clemson might annihilate lowered tiered D1 schools and that is because some schools have players with higher skill sets than others. Some of the best players in college football struggle to thrive and find their footing in the NFL.

There are approximately 130 teams whereas there are 32 teams in the NFL. The NFL requires a longer season and tougher competition. NCAAF is not as predictable as some will say NFL is due to the high number of teams there is. Power 5 schools can be favored to win and lose to a school that is not as well known, this is what makes college football exciting. Essentially, college football is dominated by the elite unlike any of the 32 teams in the NFL that have a shot to win the Superbowl.

Self-discipline also plays a key role to differentiate the overall toughness of amateur and pro sports. A student-athletes typical day is laid out for the week, from practice to classes to treatment. A professional athlete’s discipline is what can separate the Tom Bradys from the Jonnu Smiths. Free time, a college athlete’s luxury can be a free agent’s pain if not being utilized correctly. One off-season could look like a summer of training and taking summer classes whereas another off-season can look like a carefree vacation-filled event. To achieve greatness, one must be willing to put in the work in and out of season.

There will forever be a debate about which is better, which is more competitive, which is “___ “, its sports we like to forever compare two things people, restaurants, etc. This will forever be a topic of debate but the thing about sports is that it will always be a topic of discussion. Now I ask, NCAAF or NFL: which is more competitive?


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