The New York Giants Need a Firesale

The New York Giants Need a Firesale

Extra, extra, here all about it! The New York Giants should have a firesale and I’m not afraid to shout it! There is no reason to beat around the bush. The Giants are bad.

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They have been bad since 2016 and even still that team wasn’t even that great (WC exits vs Green Bay). They haven’t shown any signs of improvement since that season. It is very concerning for a team that was once known for their success is now the laughing stock of the league.

It doesn’t even seem crazy to say that the Giants are the worst team in the state of New York and that is saying something.

What is the matter with the New York Giants

Where do I even start with this flaming hot mess? How about we talk about their inability to draft. GM Dave Gettleman has been unable to pick the best player on the board. Looking at their draft history, it is NOT pretty.

In Dave Gettleman’s first year, he had the second overall pick in that draft. They elected to pick Saquan Barkely from Penn State.

Sadly, his talent has been outshined by injuries. He passed on players such as Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Quienten Nelson. All players that would have made a bigger impact on the Giants than Saquan ever has. In the following year, QB was a blaring issue for the G-Men. It was great they filled a gap but Daniel Jones tripped and fumbled the bag.

Similarly, the past two drafts they have picked needed positions (Andrew Thomas OT and Kadarius Toney WR) but they were not the best available players at their position.

They were all excited for pro bowler Kenny Golladay to join their team but WRs was not the team’s biggest need. They now sit near the bottom of the league in the same place they started. Playing bad football and leaving the Giants with a sour taste in their mouths.

How can they get out of the bottom of the league

Rebuilding starts now. The Giants have refused to rebuild for the longest time but it’s time for a fire sale. Everyone must go and that includes Saquan Barkley.

This trade deadline the Giants must be active and get players. Most of their players are worth at least 800 points on the draft pick value chart that teams use for trading draft picks. Tons of teams on the bubble would love to trade for Golladay, Blake Martinez, and Saquan Barkley.

They need to acquire as many picks as possible over the next few years to rebuild this mess. New York must realize this team is not built to win.

They must find new ways to evaluate talent because the scouts in the Giants organization have been awful. Similar to another athlete in the big apple, Joey Gallo can try for the home run ball but he strikes out more than he can put a ball in play.

The Giants should skip free agency all together. There is nobody that will reshape this roster to a title team with one player. This whole team and front office needs to be revamped.


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