The Broncos Mishaps

The Broncos Mishaps

The Broncos have just lost four games in a row. After looking good the first three weeks, however those wins were from the worst the NFL has to offer. Make things worse Denver is looking how they have been for 5 years.

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The Broncos haven’t really looked like a good team since the 2015 season, when they won Super Bowl 50. Since then they have not impressed anybody. What is the problem?

The Fall

It’s hard to believe that just 8 years ago the Broncos had the best league offense in 2013. Now they have one of the worst offenses in the league. Looking at that era the Broncos have only a couple guys left (the most noticeable is Von Miller).

In the Manning era Denver was a top NFL team that only lost 12/13 regular season games. In the past two years Denver has 15 losses. A big reason for this decline is offense, The Broncos can hardly buy a point it seems like.

The big part of a terrible offense is quarterbacks and Denver hasn’t had a quarterback through over 22 touchdowns since 2014. The rushing game is better, but it’s still not an elite rushing attack. Instead it’s borderline mediocre to good.

The last item to address on offense is the Broncos offensive line, which hasn’t been good since 2014. The Broncos for year and year out have had a bottom 12 O-lines in football. It’s hard to score when you have a split second to throw the ball.

The Defense

From the best defense to allowing 170 plus yards to backup running backs of the Browns. Just like the offense it is a shell of its former self. Last couple seasons Denver has not been good on either side of the ball.

The defense have talent, with the most expensive secondary in the NFL. However they have not played like it. The Broncos are in serious trouble, if the bad offense doesn’t have a defense that can stop the run or pass.

The defense hasn’t been good since 2016, it was close to from in 2019. The icing on the cake is that Vic Fangio (the head coach) is supposed to be a defensive guru. In his run as the head coach, it’s easy to see why he hasn’t been a head coach before.

The Coaching

There was a time (2016) when Broncos fans were upset at Gary Kubiak. I bet any Denver fan would wish to have Kubiak back. Since then Denver has had two coaches that have been terrible.

Vance Joseph and Vic Fangio will be on the same list. Two defensive minds that could not get the job done in Denver. Denver has talent (and has had talent every year since 2017), but the coaching staff has done nothing with it.

The Broncos will probably have a new coaching staff for the 2022 season. Unless Fangio can somehow turn this dumpster fire around. After losing to the injured Browns, expect a coordinator change for offense.


I previously wrote an article about how the Broncos could make the wildcard. Now they will be lucky to win three more games all year. Denver needs a change and fast.

Hopefully Joe Ellis can turn this team around this off season. Also, the team has had some really bad injuries, but losing to the battered Browns is one of the lowest points for the post Manning era.

Denver probably (and shouldn’t) won’t make the playoffs but they will finish just good enough to have a later top ten or low teen pick in the draft. This year is just another 2017,18,19, and 2020. To better fortunes in the future.


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