Reaction to Commanders’ naming from a Washington fan

Reaction to Commanders’ naming from a Washington fan

Rebranding an NFL franchise is hard. I get that. Making a custom franchise on Madden is a tough task for me, so I don’t envy what owner Dan Snyder and company had to do over the past 18 months. However, as a lifetime D.C. sports fan, I do have a few thoughts about the new name, uniforms, logo, and Snyder. I’ll give them each a letter grade to assess how I thought they did.

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The Name-not commanding

The Commanders… it just doesn’t quite roll off the tongue for me. It’s not a bad name, don’t get me wrong. We could be the Jets or the Browns, so I’m not complaining too much. It’s just a tad generic for me.

Commanders doesn’t have a lot of heart to me. It feels like a generic name that checked enough boxes on a focus group questionnaire. I wish they could’ve gone with Wolves, but supposedly there were problems with trademarking that name.

It’s not a surprise to me that Snyder and Co. couldn’t come up with something unique or exciting. Snyder’s failed repeatedly with this team, both ethically and economically, so I shouldn’t have expected anything better.

Name Grade: C

The Logo- a solid surprise

There are three new team logos for the Commanders. The primary logo, which is a generic W, the team crest, and the ‘wordmark’, which is essentially just “Washington Commanders” in block lettering. 

The wordmark is both clean and simple. It doesn’t look like something that took 18 months to make, but it’s not a bad logo for an endzone. The team crest is very well done and I thoroughly enjoy how the design came out. 

Reaction to Commanders’ naming from a Washington fan
The Commanders revealed their new logo on Feb. 2.

The primary logo is growing on me. When I first saw it I hated it, mostly because I actually really enjoyed the logo of the Washington Football Team, and it was changed just slightly enough to make me uncomfortable when I saw it.

But as I’ve looked over it more and more, I don’t mind it. It’s a decent design and it looks good on the helmets, which is the most important thing.

Logo Grade: B+

Uniforms- The good, the bad, and the ugly

The new uniforms each will receive their own grade. It would be impossible for me to decide a grade for all three because they are so vastly different. Let’s start with the good.

The classic Burgundy and Gold. I’ve been waiting for this Washington team to have an all burgundy uniform for years. I think it’s a great look, and the new design that incorporates the gold onto the sleeves is amazing. I love this uniform and will be getting one soon.

Home Jersey Grade: A

Next, we have the bad. The black alternate uniforms are something that fans have been wanting for a long time. In fact, they used to sell black jerseys at Fedex field because so many fans wanted them. The team never actually wore the jerseys, so to see these released was exciting.

These uniforms are just bland. In the release photo, the mannequin is wearing a traditional Schutt helmet, and the roundness of it is extremely unappealing. It makes the W on the front look weird, unnecessary, and a bit like Wario’s hat.

The jerseys aren’t exciting or bold, but I do like the patches on the shoulders. I just wish they could’ve added more to the sleeves in particular.

Alternate Jersey Grade: C+

And here comes the ugly.  These away jerseys are atrocious. The jersey doesn’t match the helmet at all. I like the design, but the coloring is extremely flawed.

There needs to be way more gold on these. The team should have the numbers filled with gold and burgundy instead of white and burgundy. In addition, the shoulder sleeves should have more gold added in.

These jerseys look like a coloring book that someone started and never finished. It feels uninspiring and boring.

Away Jersey Grade: D-


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