NFL Takes/Opinions: NFC Contenders?

This article will debrief the chances of 4 NFC contenders that have the best chance of making the Super Bowl. The article will contain Tampa Bay, Dallas, Green Bay, Las Angeles Rams. These are my predicted NFC divisional winners, and we will not talk about the wild card team.

This article can and probably will become irrelevant after the upcoming weeks. A couple of honorable mentions are Seattle and San Francisco, but right now, I trust Mathew Stafford and Sean McVay to win that division. However, those teams will probably make the wild card and can make it to the Super Bowl.

Green Bay

Green Bay is coming off two straight NFC championship loses, so will this be the year. After week one, it looks like they might not even make the playoffs. However, Rodgers and crew have done this in the past, where they look awful, then win six straight games and make it to the playoffs.

The NFC North looks like it will be weak this year. The biggest challenge to the Packers is Minnesota; however, Green Bay is the better team. Just one name: Aaron Rodgers; he might have had the worst game in his life, but don’t underestimate Rodgers.

Aside from Rodgers, they have a decent defense and one of the best wide receivers in the game (Devonte Adams). With experience and a good roster, they’ll make the playoffs, but how far will they make it? The ceiling is an NFC championship, and the floor is a wild card.

This team has talent, but with all the off-season trouble, we don’t know how it will affect the team. For that reason, don’t expect a season like last year, but a long 11-6 record and early loss in the playoffs. They could prove me wrong, but they will have to prove it.


Dallas is a difficult team to evaluate because one week they look on par with Tampa Bay; next, they lose to Atlanta by 10. Just saying they have a history of being a roller coaster, but playing in the NFC East, they have a good chance. They’ll just need to start games better.

In the past, they’ll go down big in games, and then Dak has to try and bail them out. Dallas will need to prove they can win games consistently before they can be contenders. They do have a good chance of winning the division, even with all the questions.

At this time, I have them going 10-7 and losing in the wild card or divisional round. Winning a division and an NFC championship is two different things. They do have potential, but Dallas will need better defense and better coaching.

The defense was terrible last season, so even a mediocre improvement could result in being true contenders. Having a great offense and a terrible defense is hard to win anything (just ask Drew Brees). Dallas also needs better playcalling, so Mike will have to step up in year two.

Los Angeles

The Rams are going to be a very good team; adding Stafford was a fantastic trade. Having a mediocre quarterback and then getting a borderline great quarterback will do wonders to this team. Also, having a prolific offense mind like McVay will make this offense one of the best.

The defense also looks good, and if they stay good for the entire year, this team will be a contender. This team will be in the playoffs, but if their defense can stay elite like last year, they can make the Super Bowl. The offense will improve with Stafford, so this could be a great year for the Rams.

Rams Bears

I have this team in the NFC championship, and they have a solid offense and defense. When you have both an elite offense and defense, you’re bound for success (unless you’re the 2010 Chargers). The Rams will have a 13-4 record with an NFC championship bid.

Tampa Bay

What can I say about the Buccaneers? They have Tom Brady and all of the other players we’ve heard about for the past year. They have the best roster in the NFC and maybe all of the NFL. I’m not going to waste your time and tell you how great this team is. 

Let’s keep this short: the Buccaneers are making it to the NFC championship. They’ll have a record that tops last year, and I predict 15-2. Tampa Bay will probably win the NFC championship and the Super Bowl. 

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