Midseason Playoff Prediction

Midseason Playoff Prediction

Midseason Playoff Prediction – We are about to enter the final 7 (some teams 8) games and have a general idea of who the best teams are. Out of the 32 football franchises only 14 can make the playoff. Out of the fourteen, only two can make the Super Bowl.

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We will discuss all 14 teams I predict making the playoff and at the end give my Super Bowl prediction. Remember anything could happen, so let us see how many teams I get right. I doubt that every team I say will make it, but here goes my 2021 playoff prediction.

NFC Divison Winners

The NFC this year is looking similar to last year, but there are a couple of big changes. For the bye week team, that will be the Green Bay Packers. They have been playing great football and that will continue over the next 8 weeks.

The Packers only have one loss with Rodgers starting and almost beat Kansas City with Mahomes playing. The second seed will be Dallas, this is one of the scariest offensive teams in the league. That Denver game can be shrugged off by Dak playing his first game back.

The Cowboys also have a great secondary and will be a dangerous team. The 3rd seed will be the Cardinals, another team that has been playing really good football. If Kyler Murray can stay healthy, the Cardinals can match up with any team.

The last division winner will be the Buccaneers, they have the talent of being the number one seed. However, their defense has been playing really badly against the pass. Also, Brady has had a couple of bad weeks in a row, the Buccs are beatable (unlike I thought the beginning of the year).

NFC Wild Card

The wild card will be pretty interesting to see who can make it by the end of the year. The Rams will make it as the fifth seed. They looked like a division favorite early in the year, but the last two weeks they have been playing bad football.

Call me crazy, but Drew Bree’s absent Saints will also speak in. They have been playing decent the whole year, but are inconsistent. They probably won’t make it far in the playoffs, especially if Winston is still out ( I don’t trust Sieman).

The final spot is up for grabs to a lot of unimpressive teams. Any team that wins the 7th spot is at best mediocre. For right now I have Carolina making it to the dance, but Minnesota could also stumble in.

AFC Divison Winners

The AFC is the more interesting conference, because of how much the AFC has beat each other up. The bye week will go to Buffalo, they have had some questionable losses (to say the least). However, if Josh Allen is playing well they can beat anybody any day.

Also, they have their defense back up to form. The second seed will be Tennesse, this might be a hot take, especially after Henry got hurt. Since Henry got hurt they beat the Rams and Saints, who are in the playoffs (of it started today).

The Titans are not a team to sleep on and could have been the best team in the AFC if Herny didn’t get injured. The Ravens will be the third seed, they have been playing spotty (so has most of the AFC), but with Lamar and a good team around will be in the playoff.

The AFC west is really close, but I say the Chargers will win the division. They have been questionable, but so have the other three teams. I don’t trust the Cheifs (barely beating the Roderless Packers and Giants), and the Chargers have soon beat top-tier teams.

AFC Wild Card

The Chiefs will make the 5 spots, and still will be a dangerous team. They are a team that can put up 40 points and the next score only 10 so that is holding them back. They did look excellent against the Raiders, so let’s see if that continues.

The sixth seed will be the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have warmed up the last couple of weeks.. They started off the year looking dead, but in the last month or so they have looked good. They still have some major offensive questions, but the offense has improved.

The seventh seed will be the Patriots, which are another team that has been playing great football as late. Mac Jones is handling himself well, and Bill Belichick will help lead the Patriots to win a few games.

Super Bowl

Those are the 14 teams I see making the playoffs. There are off course still many other teams that could make it into the playoffs. The NFC does look more solid this year, having 3 of the four seven (or more teams).

For the NFC I like the Packers winning the NFC. They have been playing great with Rodgers and could possibly be the best NFL teams. However, I can see all the division leaders can make the Super Bowl (and the Rams).

The AFC will be the Bills, who are not playing the best, but once the cold gets colder they will have a huge advantage. I still think they are the most complete team when Josh Allen and the offense play well. The other team I could see winning the AFC is the Patriots.


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