Football the Most dangerous sport


Football has been praised and seen as the American sport. However, many people tend to forget the dangers that come along with playing the sport. The dangers of playing professional football has been a controversial topic In recent years. Studies show there to be a high rate of concussions and serious brain injury’s to athletes over long extended periods of time. Any athletes begin playing football other very young age in overtime the head to head collisions and physical contact can cause tremendous damage to an individual.

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Football causes neurodegenerative diseases such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, also known as CTE, which is at the top of the food chain when it comes to fear factors for football players. Clinical research suggests that CTE, a degenerative brain disease that affects those with a history of head trauma and concussions, is linked to behavioral and mood issues.

A protein called tau clumps up in the brains of those with CTE, which kills cells. In a study, 110 of the 111 NFL players examined had CTE (99 percent). An individual’s risk of developing the disorder in their brain increased with the number of years they played football. Nearly all of the diagnosed participants experienced behavioral abnormalities such impulsivity, anxiety, and physical violence.

League Longevity

Over time, players who have sustain brain injuries through consistent physical trauma, will see significant damages to their health in the future. Some athletes may face severe brain injuries which can cause erratic behavior memory loss as well as depression. Even though football has a lot of cons to why it shouldn’t be played, it also has some positive reasons to why it can be seen as good. For instance, playing football can helps kids stay in shape. It’s no surprise that many kids suffer from obesity and the lack of exercise is a main component of it.

Having a lifelong commitment to staying healthy is very important especially when you’re a child because you can adapt your body to change quicker. However, the injuries of football can have long lasting effects. Football players who are hit severely often suffer concussions in addition to sprains, fractured bones, and other bodily harm. Fear over this brain injury has grown significantly among football players of all ages, especially among young players. Memory loss, confusion, nausea, and vomiting are all short-term effects of concussions. Research has recently revealed that even one concussion can result in long-lasting problems. Over time, repetitive concussions have been linked to cognitive damage.

Safety First

In Retrospect, Football was also known to be a risky sport since it’s fundamental rule is for players to collide at high speed while being extremely strong, heavy, and swift. The repercussions of every one of these crashes are things like an incredibly likely probability of suffering from long-term degenerative brain damage and occasionally cumulative, irreversible body impairment, despite the efforts of numerous groups to increase player protection. personally, I wouldn’t mind my child playing football as long as they wear the protective gear to lower the chances of getting injured.


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