Early Predictions: Who will win the AFC?

Early Predictions Who will win the AFC

Sure, it’s still very early in the season, but there are already a few teams that stand out in the AFC. Whether you’re a Bills fan or a Titans fan, you’ve probably thought that your team is going all the way.

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For good reason too, each of those teams is dominating the league right now. The question is, between the two of them, who’s the better pick to win the AFC?

Both of them have their pros and cons which we’ll get into in a moment. However, it’s important to note that the entire conference is still up for grabs.

Both the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills will have to keep clawing their way towards the top. When it’s all said and done, who will reign atop the AFC? The Buffalo Bills or the Tennessee Titans?

The Pros and Cons of the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL. This has helped them run up the score on multiple teams this season.

Josh Allen is an incredible quarterback with a bright future and is 300 yards away from a 2,000-yard season. This high-powered offense is also backed by a defense that allows an average of 16.3 points per game.

However, the strength of the schedule for Buffalo is what’s most concerning. They’re 4-2 on the year with losses to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans.

The teams they’ve beaten don’t hold much weight either. The best team they’ve beat is the Kansas City Chiefs, who are 3-4 right now. Still, you can’t deny how great Buffalo has been over the last few years.

The Pros and Cons of the Tennessee Titans

Our second option to win the AFC Championship is the Tennessee Titans. The rushing attack of the Titans is an absolute nightmare to defend against.

Derrick Henry, the leagues leading rusher, is only 131 yards away from a 1,000-yard season. This is only within seven games and Henry shows no signs of slowing down. More importantly, teams show no sign of being able to stop him.

Although Henry is the most vital part of the Titans offense, he’s also a crutch. Without him, the Titans don’t perform nearly the same.

If teams are able to figure out the run, the offensive planning usually goes out the window. We’ve seen this in their earlier games this year. In the playoffs, the Titans must find a way to not be so one-dimensional. Especially if they want the AFC Championship.

Our choice between these two teams: Tennessee Titans

We’ve already stated how great the Titans rushing attack is, but there’s more than that. Their defense was able to slow down Buffalo enough to secure a 34-31 victory. They followed that game up with a 27-3 win over the Chiefs. Their most notable loss was the season opener against the Arizona Cardinals.

Tennessee knows how to win games and control the clock. One of the most vital facets of the game is the time of possession and the Titans have it mastered. If we had to make a choice right now as to who would win the AFC, the Titans are the best bet.


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