Surprise, Surprise! Carson Wentz Out Again, This Time With Covid-19

Surprise, Surprise! Carson Wentz Out Again, This Time With Covid-19

It’s kind of hilarious at this point. Indianapolis Colts fans are probably all groaning simultaneously right now, as Philadelphia Eagles fans laugh with a carefree sense of relief. The news just dropped a couple of hours ago that the Colts have been forced to place their starting quarterback Carson Wentz on the reserve/Covid-19 list, along with two other starters, center Ryan Kelly and wide receiver Zach Pascal. It is unknown whether any of them will be cleared to start on September 12 for the Colts’ first game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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I have to be honest. When I read this headline on the NFL website earlier today, I burst out laughing. The turn of events that has unfolded since the Colts signed Carson Wentz has been, to put it simply, the most Carson Wentz thing that has ever happened.

Let’s look at the facts.

Wentz practiced a mere two times during training camp. Then he broke his foot and had to have surgery on said foot. After not playing at all during the preseason, there was finally a glimpse of hope when Wentz was finally cleared to return. And now, he is on the Covid-19 list, and as he is not fully vaccinated (or possibly not vaccinated at all), he might not even be able to start in the Colts’ first game of the regular season.

Colts: Adam Schefter's comments on Carson Wentz make Week 1 a reality
The Indianapolis Colts have been forced to place their starting quarterback Carson Wentz on the reserve/Covid-19 list, along with two other starters.

According to the NFL Network, all three of the Colts players placed on the Covid-19 list are considered high-risk close contacts stemming from contact with a staff member who tested positive for the virus. All three players will be eligible to return in five days, but only if they test negative and remain asymptomatic.

When it comes to Wentz, the timing of this, quite seriously, could not have been much worse. This week was supposed to be absolutely vital in determining whether or not Wentz was physically and mentally prepared and able to start against the Seattle Seahawks on September 12. Now that he is out for at least five days, Wentz’s starting position may now be up for grabs, at least for Week 1. If he is unable to start in the first game, second-string quarterback Jacob Eason is expected to take the field in his stead in his NFL debut.

As I am neither a Colts fan nor a Carson Wentz fan, I honestly find this whole situation absolutely hilarious. But even in my amusement, I know that this does not bode well for the Indianapolis Colts. Since signing with them in March, Wentz has had extremely limited interaction with and playing time with his new teammates, most of whom he has never played with before. He also refused to get vaccinated, which means that if he gets tagged for close contact or tests positive for the virus, he faces much more extended, serious, and lengthened protocols.

Can the Indianapolis Colts rely on Carson Wentz? The quarterback position is one of, if not the most important position on a football team, and if the Colts can’t put their trust in their quarterback, then they are going to have a terribly rough season. They are already off to a dismal start, and the regular season has not even started yet.

The fact that Carson Wentz is already questionable for the first game of the season because of Covid-19 and his choice to not get the vaccine is not a good sign at all for his future with the Indianapolis Colts or the Colts’ general wellbeing for the regular season. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a huge fan of Carson Wentz at all, and I’ll be surprised if he lasts the entire year in Indianapolis without getting injured, benched because of Covid-19, or simply released off the team. It will be an interesting year for sure for Colts fans. I’m excited, so hand me the popcorn.



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