NFL TAKES: Bills or Chiefs for AFC Championship

NFL TAKES: Bills or Chiefs for AFC Championship

Last year the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs met up in Arrowhead Pond for the AFC Championship. This year most people (me included) think only three teams have a chance for the AFC: the Bills, Chiefs, and the Cleveland Browns. The Chiefs are the AFC and Super Bowl favorites right now.

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However, don’t count the Bills out of a Super Bowl bid.

Both teams met up twice last season, during week 6 of the regular season and the AFC championship. The Chiefs won both games, and both games were double possession games. This might sound crazy, but the Bills can win the AFC this year. Remember, the Bills were the team that was 6-10, and Josh Allen threw 10 touchdowns, and 12 picks just two years ago.

In 2019 the team flipped their record, going 10-6, and Josh Allen improved. Last year Josh Allen was an MVP caliber quarterback, and the Bills flipped a terrible offense to the second-best offense in the NFL. If the Bills and Josh Allen continue to develop, a ring could be on the way.

Think about this last year Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen played on the same level. Josh Allen threw 37 touchdowns and 10 picks. Mahomes threw 38 touchdowns to 6 interceptions. Josh Allen did throw more picks, but the quarterback rating (QBR) was only one point difference.

Patrick Mahomes, Clyde Edwards-Helaire Power Chiefs to Win vs. Josh Allen, Bills | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
The Kansas City Chiefs are the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl favorites right now. However, don’t count the Buffalo Bills out of a Super Bowl bid just yet.

Josh Allen had a 107.2 QBR and Patrick Mahomes 108.2 QBR. In every major passing statistic, Josh Allen was close. Now, if Josh Allen can continue to develop, we could see a year where Josh Allen plays better than Patrick Mahomes. Of course, this is not guaranteed, but it is a good possibility.

The Bills had a better offense than the Chiefs last season, and this is a good possibility for this year also. A team with Stefon Diggs (a first-team all-pro) and Josh Allen will have a good defense. Their rushing attack was not the greatest, but their offense could even be that much better. Also, to be on the lookout for Josh Allen on the ground, too, he had 8 rushing touchdowns.

The Bills defense will be the greatest point of improvement. They had the 16th ranked defense, which was a huge step down from the 2019 Bills’ defense. The defense is similar to the 2019 defense, so we can totally see a turnaround.

We all know how dangerous the Chiefs are on offense, and bills are/could be as deadly, but their defense is a different story. They did rank tenth in defense for points allowed. However, their defense does give up a lot of yards. Basically, the Bills have the potential to be better in both the offense and defense.

No one knows for sure who will be the team, but no one can doubt the Bills have potential. If the Bills want to get to the Super Bowl, they will have to do three things, have an elite offense, improve on defense, and play better than the Chiefs.

This is going to be hard, but if any time has the chance to dethrone the Chiefs for AFC supremacy, it is the Bills. They do play week five on Sunday night football. This game will be the first test for the Bills, but the deciding factor will be in the playoffs. For these reasons, the Bills are a definite Super Bowl contender.

Now let’s see what happens in the 2021 NFL season.



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