Bears Should Bench Andy Dalton Already

Bears Should Bench Andy Dalton

The NFL season is going to start on Thursday, ending a long wait for the fans. The offseason is longer than that of any other sport, so when September rolls around, it usually feels like a national holiday.

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But of course, the Bears are already messing everything up. They drafted Justin Fields in the first round to be the franchise QB. They also gave a 1-year $10 million deal to Andy Dalton to be the bridge, rather than roll with Nick Foles.

This was a horrible idea and I reckon the Bears should bench Andy Dalton. Let’s discuss.

Dalton Is Not That Guy

There’s a popular video of a guy saying “You’re not that guy, pal. You’re not that guy.” And if you look at it under a certain light, it’s pretty clear that Andy Dalton could have been on the other end of the comment.

Despite taking the Bengals to the playoffs every year from 2011-2015, Dalton isn’t anything special. He had 1 TD and 6 INT’s in four playoff starts, completing just 55% of his passes. And since 2016, his game has definitely tailed off a bit.

Sure, he had a decent year for Dallas last year before he got hurt. But, he isn’t a winner by any standard. His best days are behind him. And he does not belong as the starter on this team. He is someone that should be a backup and possibly even trade bait later in the year.

Why Even Bother?

The Jets will start Zach Wilson week 1. The Jags will do the same with Trevor Lawrence. And the Patriots will roll with Mac Jones from day one. They cut Cam Newton. The 49er decision to start out with Jimmy G is understandable, but this one is not.

Fields is already ready. He crushed it in the preseason and has all the tools you look for in an eventual franchise QB. Dalton is a guy who can start a few games for you and maybe get a win, but it’s still a horrid decision.

Fields is a better option and he was only drafted a few months ago. He can suit up and make the big throws. He can escape the pressure and run for the first downs and TD’s. So, again, why even bother?

Dalton is not that guy. He is not the one who should be starting. They also have way too much tied to Nick Foles for him to ride the bench while Dalton gets the “veteran” reps to begin 2021.

Bears Should Bench Andy Dalton

Sure, Chicago signed Dalton and immediately posted “QB1” all over Twitter. But, then the draft came around. It’s important to also remember that they went with #2 pick Mitchell Trubisky pretty much out of the gate. And he wasn’t even bristling with the same potential as Fields.

With Mitch, all they did was loose. They made one playoff trip, failing to accomplish much after they got there. Dalton is not going to be too much better than Mitch or Foles were in the past few seasons.

If Chicago genuinely wants to do any kind of winning this year, they’d have Fields in already. Bears should bench Andy Dalton – fact!


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