Are the Chargers a serious contender to win the AFC west

Are the Chargers a serious contender to win the AFC west

Throughout the early part of the season the Chargers have seemed like a good team, and are on top of the AFC west. They’ve had some real tests, and Hebert has been playing like an MVP candidate.

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The Chargers have been a decent surprise for me and my friends. However, let’s see if this team is a true contender or a false prophet. We’ll look at the games they have coming up, have played, and personal opinion.

AFC Leaders

For the first quarter of the NFL season they are the leaders of the AFC west. Their only loss was to Dallas, who are also a good team. They look like a clear favorite to make the playoffs and maybe win the AFC.

The AFC west is in their grasps, especially beating the Chiefs and Raiders. The Chiefs have not looked like the Chiefs this year, having a problem paying down to their competition (then having talent bail them out). The Raiders have played well, and the Chargers beat them with ease.

The Chargers are the team to beat in their division, and so far no division team has beat them. Now let’s look at the future schedule, and predict their final outcome of the season.

The Journey

The Chargers have two straight tests with the Browns and Ravens. I predict they’ll split those games, which would make them 5-2 on their bye week. Then they have five straight weeks of playing a team that is sub par .500.

The Chargers then play Denver and Cincinnati, both are currently above .500. However both of those teams have weak teams. That could have seven straight weeks of playing teams with losing records.

Then they rematch the division and play the Texans. The Chargers could and should benefit from having a weak schedule. They could easily go 7-2 or even better after their bye week.


Will they make the playoffs? I predict they will, however they will have to be good for the whole season. We’ve seen teams start hot, and end cold. I;ve seen Philip Rivers do that numerous times throughout his career.
The good for the Chargers is that this isn’t a Rivers lead team, it’s a Hebert lead team. Hopefully he can lead the team to the playoffs and maybe even have a run. That said, I think they can win the AFC west.

The Chiefs have been playing sloppy, the Broncos and Raiders have to prove themselves. If the Chiefs don’t wake up the Chargers are the best team in the division. Winning the AFC west is possible, but the AFC to me is still unlikely.

Not because they aren’t a good team, but because of how well the Bills have played so far. However anything is possible and by the end of the year this article could be irrelevant. However, don’t sleep on the Chargers.

Final Prediction.

I predict the Chargers winning 11 games and making a wild card, however I still have the Chiefs winning the division. It’s too early to count the Chiefs out of the playoffs, especially with that Mahomes guy.

The Chargers will make the playoffs as the fifth/seventh seed, and I think they’ll be better than a couple of the divisional winners (looking at the AFC north and south). This seems like a team to be a year away from the super bowl.


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