It’s Tua Time! Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are back? Did we expect this early of a crack in Philly?

Aaron Rodgers

Tua Tagoivalioa has been absolutely amazing this season. With his Vegas odds improving weekly to win the most valuable player award, he surely receives my vote. This man slices and dices his opponents. From solid RPO draws construed by a savvy head coach in Mike McDaniel, Tua always seems to capitalize on them. From him being able to smoothly fake the handoff, rollout, and hit receiver Jaylen Waddle on a dime down the middle of the field in between defenders is truly outstanding to watch. With his ability to make the big play down the field to Tyreek Hill, or an endzone fade throw which we saw against the Browns to his guy Trent Sherfield, he really is doing it all for this offense. The Miami Dolphins have gone undefeated with every game that he’s fully played for this team.

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Dolphins Run

His QBR is leading everyone else in the league, and his accuracy is top of the line. When he’s not hitting a play-action route, he’s able to check down under pressure to a nearby tight end or full back to get at least another 8 yards. This has also been able to open up Miami’s run game like never before. With defenses shying away from playing man-to-man coverage against this explosive team, it’s allowed former 49ers rushers in Raheem Mosert and Jeff Wilson to have outstanding numbers we aren’t used to seeing. With both backs rushing for touchdowns against Cleveland recently, with Wilson even racking up over 100 yards to do so, this offense is virtually unstoppable with Tua manning the ship. With Miami ahead of the AFC East now, and tied second for the Conference leaders, expect this team to get home-field advantage in the playoffs, and you’ll get to see defenses suffer in the immense heat in Hard Rock Stadium, trying their best to cover this man. Offense guru in Mike McDaniel has the formula, and Tua is showing it off in South Beach.

Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers

Tom Brady, with everything he’s going through, is still playing damn good football. From his comeback win the week before, with only around 50 seconds leading his team to a game-winning touchdown, he’s done it once again, getting a magnifying win against Seattle and making their playoff odds seem more and more likely. Discount Double check. The man is back. Aaron Rodgers is still doing the improbable. With Dallas being heavy favorites going into Lambeau Field at -275, Aaron Rodgers let them know who they were playing, and the Packers snuck out a solid victory in overtime, keeping them alive as well. With Aaron Rodgers throwing for 3 touchdowns in this outing, you could see the fire in his eyes once again that we’re used to seeing. From him yelling at Packers head coach Matt LaFleur to let him go for it on 4th down instead of punting it, you can tell he really wants it. While both the Tampa Bay Bucs and Green Bay Packers aren’t the most talented units in the NFL, they’re led by the most dominant leaders. That’s what keeps them alive. They know how to rally troops no matter who’s on their side. Expect Rodgers to continue his hot streak this Thursday night against the Titans, and I think Tom Brady will continue his streak as well. The greats are back in business!

Taylor Heinicke was seen mimicking on the Commander’s private plane the Vikings QB’s dance moves and celebrating after their huge upset against the Philadelphia Eagles. What happened? Well, former Hall of Famer Larry Csonka was seen celebrating the Eagle’s loss. With hopes of this team going undefeated now crushed by a late 4th quarter penalty involving roughing the passer on the 3rd down, it’ll be interesting to see how this unit bounces back from this. They didn’t seem as explosive on the offensive side last night. Their defense looked exploitable. Overall, Philadelphia may prove to not be as elite as we think they are as you could honestly agree the opponents they mostly have competed against to this point haven’t been too difficult. It’ll be interesting to see if this team can compete with the top of the NFC as the year goes on, and if they’d stand a chance against the AFC juggernauts in a potential Super Bowl against the Bills, Chiefs or Dolphins.


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